Our primary mission is to provide school books, computers and educational training to urban schools in Guilford County, North Carolina.

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Our Beginning

The Tybro Foundation was initially founded to help feed the hungry and supply educational material to underserved communities. Many of the events held during the first year were geared toward feeding underprivileged families with Popeye's chicken, Turkey giveaways and providing meals for the homeless shelter.

The foundation also gave away backpacks with school supplies to a worthy urban elementary school. During this event, the foundation noticed the tremendous needs of this school to provide just the basics to these deserving students. We decided that a greater more lasting impact can be made with helping with these needs. The foundation now primarily focuses on providing new books and computers to schools.


“Dreams can be achieved when the mind is stimulated by creativity.”

— kathy Gibson, FOUNDER


Recently, The Tybro Foundation purchased $15,000 worth of books for Kirkman Park Elementary school in High Point, North Carolina. This gift bought over 800 new books to help replenish the school's library that was very outdated. The foundation will continue to work with Kirkman Park until the library is completely up-to-date with books for young minds to engage in away from school. 

Katherine Goble Johnson said, "When you lose your curiosity, you stop learning".

Help us to provide the children with books to stimulate their curiosity.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson and Kathy H. Gibson

Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson and Kathy H. Gibson


Our Mission

 A Lack of Resources for Urban Schools

Too often conversations about school funding are associated with demands to raise teachers’ salaries, but the situation is far more complex. Many teachers, especially in urban schools, are working with at-risk students with very few of the necessary resources to support them.

A classroom of 35-plus students without books is hardly a learning environment, especially when compared to suburban and private schools where the average class size is 20 students and resources are plentiful.

One would never think that schools would be at a lack for Books. However, in most urban schools books are a luxury. Many of the libraries are outdated by decades and the resources are few and far between.

Most teachers never have enough novels to allow kids to take them home and read them. Most teachers have students read everything in class. If kids could take their novels home, they could engage with the text in a more beneficial way. 

No teacher should have to worry about not being able to provide the most basic resources for their students and no child should go to a school without proper books.

The Tybro Foundation, (a 501c3 corporation), is dedicated to helping in the fight to bring school resources up-to-date. More than 80% of the funds that we receive will go directly to purchasing books, kindle readers and computers to needy schools. We recently purchased Kindle Readers and $15,000 worth of books for Kirkman Park Elementary School’s library in High Point, North Carolina. 

Our mission is to raise enough money so that we can continue to replenish the school’s library with books and update the library with 8 new computers. Most poor children do not have adequate school supplies. Inadequate school supplies make learning difficult. In this way, the cycles of poverty and poor education are linked. 

Our goal for the Tybro Fundraiser is $30,000. As a 501c3 corporation, all donations that we receive are tax deductible. Please donate what you can today to help us end the cycle of Lack in our urban schools.




of low-income children lack access to books.


of U.S. public school students live in low-income households. 


In some of the lowest income neighborhoods, there is just 1 book for every 300 students.


In the United States of America public schools should at least be able to provide adequate books for every student. Low income children should not have another strike against them before they even get started in life.

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 Donations are vital to our ability to give. Donations are used for purchasing books, computers and educational materials. Please click on the Support Us Today button below to make your tax deductible contribution.